Who We Are

Born and raised on Kodiak Island, Captain Tyler Randolph has been running boats around Kodiak his entire life. From commercial fishing, to lodge operations, tourism and personal boating experience, our captain knows these waters and how to get you to where you want to go safely.

When the money and time required by larger boats don’t work, Kodiak is the company you’re looking for. Our company fills in the gap of available water transportation services with what we offer and where we can navigate, all while reducing your overall expense and project time. Our boats are shallow draft with fast response. We can handle loads which don’t require activating larger boats and their increased costs or waiting to consolidate multiple loads for various customer locations.

If you want the right vessel for the right job, Kodiak Water Taxi & Transport has you covered. We have the equipment, vessels, and experience to make sure that you and your cargo gets to your destination safely and quickly.

Kodiak Water Taxi & Transport Services, Kodiak Island AK